You’re not alone as an entrepreneur, BE the difference maker.

Are you training your managers and employees to cultivate, maintain and grow your customer relations?  Can you afford not to?

Are you ready to take your existing business to new levels?  Whether you’ve been in business for years, or are just starting up, your main goal is to create a business and marketing model that builds your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. You need to have a clear idea, or vision, of your business plan—both for today and the future.

People leave their boss and/or their environment, not their jobs.

  • Business Coaching, Leadership Training & Mentoring:  When this is done correctly and effectively, the organization as a whole feels that they have enhanced their work life and job satisfaction. Job retention, commitment and performance are just a few things that are immediately noticed by you and the other individuals in your company.  
  • Staff Development & Training Programs that are personalized and reusable, and established using best practice sales:   (we help train you and your staff to succeed—we are able to help you recognize and deal with a variety of circumstances, plan realistic goals and grow professionally, and often personally. We help you create a sales process and sales script.)
  • Creating a culture of change for future development:  We help you create that “tipping point” in your company. We know how to effectively communicate with staff to help them understand why some things are changing and shifting, and help them to “want” to make those changes in the end. We do what we can to encourage true teamwork.
  • Building Accountability throughout your Organization:   Both the leadership of your organization and the staff need to be held accountable to each other. We can help you systematize your business, determine areas of expertise, and teach you how to communicate with each other—which includes accepting responsibility bother personally and professionally.


Sting Business Development sets the framework to enable your team to effectively develop and implement your strategic plan.  We assist your staff in articulating your vision, and then develop strategies, goals and objectives collaboratively with your team.  Sting identifies action steps you will need to take to meet your goals, and we provide ongoing assessment with intervention strategies.


Sting Business Development is a multi-faceted consulting firm that specializes in creating a customized program for your business. Together, with you, we will create a fully personalized plan and strategy to optimize your businesses’ customer relations and retention, and in turn, your profits.


Our business philosophy is based on the power of teamwork. We treat each client as a member of our team with the same goal in mind. It is our objective to take your business to the next level and beyond by forming a strategy based on overcoming weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths.


Every business needs a reason for their customers to buy from them instead of the competition. Sting Business Development focuses on helping your business to discover, cultivate and grow that “it” factor…. that strategic advantage that stands out above the rest.
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Do you have that edge factor that creates a buzz? At Sting, we sit down WITH you to learn about your business so we can tailor a strategy to best meet your needs. Sting Business Development partners with you to capture proven “Best Practices” and incorporating them to make lasting profitable change in your company. Sting is precise, personalized and powerful.

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